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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Let me help you break the monotony of a business trip, work day or spice up your much needed vacation...

Deposit & Payments Options

The deposit varies according to the length and duration of the booking make sure to read the requirement for the arrangement that you're interested.

Digital patronage options will be made available to you upon screening completion.

Extended Dates

If we're spending the night together, know that I generally need about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per nigh to function, and 8 hours to get the absolute best version of Soraya.

For a 24+hr getaways, I require an additional 2 hours of alone time per day for personal reinvigoration. If you really really want to get on my good side, I love soft R&B, Ballad and Smooth Jazz mornings accompanied by coffee, fresh fruits, and natural light.

Lengthy Affairs

All bookings require a 30% Deposit

In-Date Extension-- 500 per Hour

10 Hours

Full Day


12 Hours

Keep me Overnight



14 Hours

Extended Overnight



24 Hours

Day-Long Escape


48 Hours

Weekend Getaway


Each Additional Day-- 3000

Fly Me To You (FMTY)

All bookings require a 50% Deposit

South (minimum of 6hrs starting at 3000)

East Coast and Mid West (minimum of 10hrs starting at 4000)

West Coast (minimum of 12hrs starting at 5000)

International (minimum of 48hrs starting at 10000)

  • Travel Packages are not inclusive of costs associated with my travel to you (visas, airfare, travel to/from airport)Deposits are nonrefundable.

  • I appreciate at least a week of notice for traveling accommodations.

  • Deposits are 50 percent of our date to hold our reserved time

  • Should you need to cancel, I will hold your deposit for up to 6 months to be used toward another travel deposit with me.

Fly You To Me (FYTM)

Orlando is home to many things, including ME ;-) Come visit me and enjoy a beautiful planned itinerary. You handle the finances and I'll handle the fun. Contact me to discuss specifics.

Sponsor My Tour (SMT)

Want me to tour your area but can't cover my booking minimum for a FMTY or don't want to FYTM? As a tour sponsor, you simply cover my airfare and rooming accommodations so I can tour your area! Contact me to discuss specifics.

Tour Wait List

Can't FMTY, FYTM or sponsor my tour?

Simply reach out and ask to be added to my "tour waitlist". In order to be added, screening information and a $100 deposit are required. Once I have a minimum of 5 deposits, I'll reach out to pinpoint tour dates.

List of cities

(the number next to the city is the amount of deposits that have been made for that city)

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